[Book Review] Zodiac

Title: Zodiac
Author: Romina Russell
Pages: 439
Genre: Fantasy, Romance
Rating: 4 our of 5 stars

A story about the 12 Zodiacs and their respective guardians, but what if a thirteenth zodiac existed long ago? We follow Rhoma Grace who excels in all but her predictions. But when her Cancrian moon erupts with disaster it turn a put she is the only one in the universe who knows its true cause.

Oh No’s

There were a few random plot holes that just didn’t make sense to me. Such as, why did the Gemini twin go with them? Suddenly, he was on their ship and travelling then just as easily he disappeared. It felt very random to me. I also loved learning about the Ephemeris and how skilled Rho is in using it but then she literally can’t use it for the rest of the book and it made this wonderful talent lose all meaning.

The sex comes out of nowhere for me. Also totally unnecessary in my opinion. Not every relationship needs to erupt into sex. One more thing, nothing feels different after you’ve had sex. There is no sudden epiphany and your body feels lighter. No difference except your love for the one beside you. Don’t let these books of fiction lead you on. Do it on your time when you are ready with the one you truly love. Talk about it beforehand and learn about each other. This isn’t something you just rush into because the world is empty.


All Librans are blonde and I took pride in this. I’ve never heard my constellation spoke about so much. Mine is scales and justice. I’ve finally been given the lead rather than a Leo or Scorpio. The animals.

I loved learning about this world and the characters that live in it. The idea of the zodiac being close constellations and actual plants was such a cool idea. Even though the story line wasn’t portrayed quite nicely with the multiple annoying visits to this plenum place. It was still wonderful learning all the subtle differences and travelling to different planets


This was a wonderful fantasy novel about space and romance. There is a cringey love triangle but it makes things interesting. I recommend giving this book a read but it is the first book of a series so you won’t have a satisfying ending. There is a To Be Continued.

At first it was Illuminae then it turned into Red Queen.

Favorite Quote

“‘But I’m the perfect Libran,’ he says, counting off each word on his fingers. ‘Cordial, graceful, nonviolent, and, of course, endowed with a massive…intelligence.'”

Pg. 209

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