[Monthly Reads] March Reviews

Back again with: Monthly Reads!

All of the reviews I’ve done in February summed up in to one easy post. Remember that reading slump we talked about last month? Yeah it kept going into this month. I read a total of six books but more like five and a half since I has already read half of ACOWAR last year

The Poppy War

To introduce this novel, we begin with Fang Runin, or Rin as we call her. She is a war orphan who is forced to run an opium business for her foster parents. Her only way to escape is to join the highest ranking military school on a full scholarship. Succeeding this will be not only an entry way to an entirely different world but a way for her to discover who she truly is. Rating: 4/5 Stars.My book review


A story about the 12 Zodiacs and their respective guardians, but what if a thirteenth zodiac existed long ago? We follow Rhoma Grace who excels in all but her predictions. But when her Cancrian moon erupts with disaster it turn a put she is the only one in the universe who knows its true cause. Rating: 4/5 Stars.My book review

Someday, Maybe

Someday, Maybe is an in depth look on life and how things aren’t always as they seem. The book is about bullying and how it effects everyone. This story is a great slice of life plot with an actual happy romance. cWe follow Brianna, a senior in high school with her whole life ahead of her. Only this morning is a bit different. Rating: 5/5 Stars.My book review

Mera: Tidebreaker

This wonderful graphic novel is about Mera, the princess of the Xebel kingdom. Their kingdom is run by the Atlantians who are the enemy. When Mera finds out that her right to the throne is in danger, she must take a chance and be the first to kill the crowned prince. The only thing is this prince isn’t half bad. This is very much like a disney film and even though there were plot holes, I really enjoyed it. Rating: 5/5 StarsMy book review

A Court of Wings and Ruin

This is the third novel in a trilogy. If you haven’t read the first two books and care about that, do not venture forth!The ending of a series. I feel the characters have improved so much from the first novel that the two books can’t even be compared. This book continues on with the Archeron sisters figuring out how to live with their new lives. We watch as everyone prepares for a battle that seems impossible to win. This is a huge book that I absolutely enjoyed conquering. Rating: 5/5 Stars.

Whatever It Takes

This novel follows Sienna Chadwick, a 25 year old who has just been told she might have cancer. Her whole life falls apart as she remembers that her mom also had breast cancer, or did she? We follow Sienna as she thinks back on her life and about all of the things she has overlooked starting with her mom and her complicated relationship with her husband. Rating: 2/5 Stars.My book review

Everyone should take the time to just pick up a book and discover a whole new world.

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