[Adventure] Date Night with my Husband

Hello everyone! I am way behind on my reading schedule and was wondering what content to fulfill today. Well I bring you an ADVENTURE post!

My husband and I had a very eventful Saturday. First, we finally purchased our first car! We got a 2019 Honda CRV EX. This thing took four hours to purchase but it was the most enjoyable four hours just being with my husband (barf). We didn’t end up taking the car back that day because the DMV closed (even though we were the first customers there with our hearts set on that car). But, we picked it up on Monday.

Later on, we had decided to attend my sister-in-laws birthday party in the city (NYC). So, we took an Uber to the train station only to find out that the Flushing station was closed and only shuttle buses were running. We took one look at the sardines packed inside and the giant crowd surrounding them and noped out. After sending the sad text we decided to not waste the night and head over to the mall!

We then spend a wonderful date night just wandering the mall. We got bubble tea to drink while walking the pathways of the mall. Unfortunately, some of the stores in the mall closed including the new Daiso 😦 So that trip will have to wait for another day.

From there we Ubered back home. Sounds simple right? Nope. The Uber took 20 minutes to pick us up! It was ridiculous because we also had to walk to a sketchier part of town and had to wait there the whole time. But we did eventually make it home and now I will show my spoils for the evening.

My husband spoiled me with a D.Va nendroid from Target! I had no idea they sold nendroids let alone brand names ones from Good Smile Company. So I freaked oht and he took it and threw it in the cart. So sweet. I also went ahead and bought myself a copy of Ash Princess. It was on sale so I couldn’t help myself.

And that is the end of my adventure! ❤

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