[Unboxing] April Owlcrate

Now presenting: The April Owlcrate box! 
: The Dark Side
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Owlcrate is a monthly subscriptions box that runs for around $35 a month. Each month is a different theme and comes with a signed hardcover in every box. You will always get your money’s worth, it’s just a matter of what tastes you have.

Now, on to the Unboxing!

Yes, that is another pair of long socks that you see. This is my least liked item in any subscription box so Owlcrate isn’t alone. These socks are based on Six of Crows. The one thing that upset me the most was that Owlcrate revealed the actual socks on their Instagram. No warning or anything just posted it all willy-nilly. Now, I hate spoilers and I’m usually able to forget about them but they kept posting and reposting the picture so there was no chance to even forget about it. That is why I am using this pic as my featured picture.

This next item I thought was just a lovely notebook till I saw the quote on the front from none other than Sarah J Maas. I am a little disheartened as this is the Throne of Glass themed item and all it is is a notebook but then I remembered that I need a new notebook so yay!

The purple silk scarf you see in the background is another item from the Grishaverse.  Now this is a very thin scarf which I’m assuming is for the spring season but I don’t really ever wear scarves soooo this well be another décor item.

And last up we have a popsocket. This was cute item and based on the book Vicious. I really like the quote on it but I’ve never read the book.

Look at this pin flag! When Owlcrate announced their monthly enamel pins they promised us a pin flag and here it is. I will be placing all of my darker colored pins on this one to match the color. As you can see, I already have pin boards that I hand painted. Unfortunately, I used extremely sticky tape so these things are on my wall forever. This pin flag will soon be nailed up top but I will do that later.

On our lovely pin flag, is the pin of the month. Based on the book of the month, this dark pin has the words “Iron Must Be Tested” on it.

Wicked Saints by Emily A Duncan

And finally, we are on to the book of the month. One of the most anticipated releases of this month, Wicked Saints by Emilia Duncan. The exclusive cover is drenched in black with the hard cover being a deep red. I am so happy that I was able to get this book since it is so popular. For once I was able to guess what this book was about because of the mentions of Gods.

There was an additional item that is to be paired with Wicked Saints and that is the map on a satin handkerchief. What will I do with this piece of fabric? Who knows. Do I absolutely love it? Heck yes.

Altogether this was a pretty good box. I wasn’t over the top excited for any of the items except the book which I happened to guess. Either way I will still find a way to use these items and these books are worth the price of the box in my opinion so I will continue to be a forever subscriber.

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