[Book Review] Shatter Me

Title: Shatter Me
Author: Tahereh Mafi
Pages: 357
Genre: Romance, Superpower (?)
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

I finally caved and bought Shatter Me when I saw it on sale on Kindle. This book follows Julliette, a girl who is stuck in an asylum because her touch leads to death. But her world cracks open when a boy joins her in this cage. When he breaks her out, she learns the world is a lot bigger than she ever knew.

If you want to read this book know that you MUST read the second book.

Oh No’s

 There was no ending climax? Or like it happened 70% of the way through and suddenly I was on the Epilogue? This is exactly what The Selection did for an ending. Is this to promote purchasing the next book? I’m just turned off by this sort of ploy.

The description of her power and how often it apparently doesn’t work. Two men who aren’t affected when they touch her? That is just crazy. I bet they’re twins or something (spoiler?). But, who knows because I wanted a full story but all I got was one giant escape from the asylum.


I loved the beginning of the book. Reading from Julliette’s journal was a great perspective and I was sad to see it phase out throughout the novel. I greatly enjoyed her time in the asylum and how her character was.


This was an interesting read to say the least. But, when a third main male character shows up, my mind immediately questions if this is turning into a reverse harem. I was also more confused as to why there is a Warner novella when he is a giant douche. We also never find closure with any of the characters in this book but I assume as you read the series you learn more. If you are looking for a series to get into look no further.

As I said, if you like this sort of ending then do check out The Selection.

Favorite Quote

“I know the sky falls down every day. The sun drops into the ocean and splashes browns and reds and yellows and oranges into the world outside my window.”

-2% lol

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  1. Haha, I’ve read all 5 of them and can totally see what you’re saying. I love this series! It does explain all the things you mentioned that you wanted more information on. Everyone finally gets some answers (which I needed when I read them too!).

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