[Unboxing] February Enchanted Book Box

Now presenting: The February Enchanted Book box! 
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

First up is the book of the month. This box ships in a larger box with this book too big to fit in the Enchanted Book boxes. I love the idea of seeing the book first so this pleased me. This book came with a signed bookplate and a bookmark as well.

When I opened the box, this lovely book cover met my eyes. This art is gorgeous and I have it set up on my shelf for now. One mistake that is pointed out is that the word lonely is misspelled but I didn’t even notice.

I’m so happy I got another candle from a book box because my candle game is lacking right now. I love the smell of this candle although it smells more like bath soap. The picture on the candle is really pastel and perfect for my shelves.

Next is a handheld mirror! I only have one that I like to keep at work and I needed another for my purse. The mirror features the rose from Beauty and the Beast.

Now we are on to some of the bigger items in this box. The first is a book sleeve with a quote from Empire of Storms by Sarah J Maas. This box is mostly filled up with quotes from here on out. My only complaint about this book sleeve is the fabric attracts everything and with a new puppy this did not last long.

The second item is a notebook with another quote. This time from Cinder by Marissa Meyer. The notebook is really small which is nice because this is perfect for my desk.

And finally, the water bottle. The quote is adorable but I really question the plastic it is made of because the bottom has barely an imprint lolol although it’s very pretty. I might use it for something. Drinking water, perhaps?

Altogether this was an aesthetically pleasing box. I love the book of the month and all of the trinkets.

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