[Book Review] Placebo Junkies

Title: Placebo Junkies
Author: J. C. Carleson
Pages: 292
Genre: New Adult, Psychological
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

This novel is a whirlwind of psychological warfare. I reread the ending and still don’t understand what happened. To begin, our girl Audie is a lab rat in it for the money. Subjecting herself to study after study trying to get that extra cash. This is commonly done by those in the scientific field in order to help their peers. But, our girl Audie takes a dive over the deep end and takes on way too much.

Oh No’s

The surprise twist ending is amazing but I am still confused. Our girl Audie is living a double life, one that is not real at all. Pretty much this whole story was a different setting than actuality. And that is all I can really day without spoiling it and because I still don’t fully understand it.


Loved the premise of this book. I picked this up for the plot of the story. As a psychology major, this is a familiar concept to me. The ending of this story really tied it together as well. I definitely recommend giving this book a try if this subject interests you.


With this book being such a short novel, I was able to finish it in under a day. Once again, I really enjoy this book and it’s confusing ending.

My similar recommendations for this would be Letting Ana Go and Girl, Interrupted.

Favorite Quote

“Scratch always has a rash. He’s allergic to damn near everything. You so much as eat something for lunch that ever sat next to a tree nut and he’ll sprout hives if you breathe on him three hours later.”

Pg. 45

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