[Book Review] The Cruel Prince

Title: The Cruel Prince
Author: Holly Black
Pages: 370
Genre: Fantasy, Romance
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Jude’s parents have just been killed right in front of her eyes. Now she is being taken to the Fae lands to live out her life with immortal beings. But being a mortal is much harder than it looks to survive. Especially when the prince and his group of friends tease her on the daily.

Oh No’s

My overall impression of this book was that is was very underwhelming. With the way people were talking about it, I thought way worse abuse would be happening. Perhaps it was just the overuse of the trigger warnings that I saw for this book but I really wasn’t bothered by any of the things that happened.

The Cruel Prince was not that cruel it was just his friends who really bullied her. Perhaps in the next book he will be more cruel but in this one, he just felt like the leader of the group who doesn’t know how top fully control his minions.


Continuing past those minor flaws, this book kept me on my toes the entire time. Just when I thought the book was over, it just kept going! I loved the fact that so much happened in this book. It took me a day and a half to finish and I started reading it the day I received it in the mail. Oops.

I loved the multitude of characters found throughout this novel. We are introduced to many people of the king’s and the prince’s courts as well as their families. I feel this may be hard for people to keep straight but I loved it. By the end I felt that I needed more of these people.


I expected a lot more from this novel. Yes, I rated it five stars because I truly enjoyed it but I do not think this book should be as hyped up as it is. As I said, I will be getting The Wicked King because I really want to find out what happens next.

My similar recommendation for this novel would be Red Queen.

Favorite Quote

“I don’t think he realizes just how angry I am or how good it feels, for once, to give up on regrets.”

Pg. 66

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