Bookcon 2019 Day 1

Enter Day One: Bookcon Madness

Hello, everyone! I am here to bring you all of the fun behind the scenes Bookcon tour! This year I chose to splurge and go VIP! Unfortunately, because of how crowded it was there was no way to take advantage of all of the perks. I therefore will not be purchasing it for next year.

Going forward, VIP just might benefit you though! The one thing that was the best bang for my buck was the VIP baggage check. It was right in the front and we were able to just easily take our bags out and stuff them multiple times a day.

This is the line I did not have to stand in this year. But to be honest, I will not mind standing in it next year. The VIP line lines up on the other side and was a complete mess on the first day. Just a mass of people with special concerns and rabid VIPs that does not mix well together. The line also only entered right before the gigantic line so there was like a five second advantage.

But, this prior entrance did allow for me to get this beautiful baby. This was the most amazing score for me. My one goal of this con was to get this free signed copy of Joan He’s new book and I did just that. I ran and grabbed a ticket then, later on, ended up being second on line to get it signed (you learn to get there at least a half an hour beforehand).

Picture taken: VIP Lounge.

There were three arcs given to every VIP member on the first day as well as a clear (gigantic) travel pouch and an exclusive tote. On the second day the lounge supplied two additional books. The lounge is also located ALL the way in the back = more walking.

Pictured above is my lovely partner-in-crime. She was the Belle to my Elsa, my better half. Standing with a friend is always recommended but not required. When you’re alone, it’s easier to zoom around but for line waiting it’s beneficial. One can stay on line while the other grabs an arc or two at the next booth over.

I do have to say, the poor thing wore flats and her feet were dying at the end. I wore sparkly blue tennis shoes and my feet did hurt but not as bad.

We ended up leaving right at 6. Although the lights went off on us at the R.L. Stine signing around 5 o’clock, but we all still survived the day.

Now on to the haul of the day.

Pro tip: Try not to purchase too much on Saturday! On Sunday’s, everything gets brought down in price because the booths do not want to pack everything up. But, if there is something limited edition, you need to hop on that because it will be gone by the next day.

Pictured above is the Fae crate mystery bag. There were rumors of ARCs being included but this was confirmed false by me and a few others. But I did enjoy everything I got in my bag! Definitely worth over $20 bucks.

This was the most amazing purchase. Bookbeau created these unique book sleeves where we can get authors autographs (although I needed a fabric marker). My biggest regret was forgetting its existence. I Should’ve used it on the first day but instead I totally forgot about it and shoved it into my suitcase after I bought it. I missed SO many good autographs. Oh well! I will just buy another next year.

The complete haul!

23 free books and 2 paid for (not pictured).

Everything in the picture was for free, hence the battles to the death. I also scored that cute donut bag! Nothing crazy popular but I read books of all shapes and sizes so this is literally my heaven!

My main complaint for this con was the lack of supply for the demand. Bookcon should have released the increase of attendees to the publishers and in turn the publishers should have adjusted their number of copies to be available. They know that books are the main goal and free ones most of all. It was a battle just to score most of these books and it should not be that way.

That is all she wrote for the first day of Bookcon. My second day post will be coming soon.

How was your time at Bookcon? If you didn’t go, what is your favorite thing you have seen?


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