Bookcon 2019 Day 2

Enter Day Two: Bookcon Continues

This is the blog post of my time on Sunday at Bookcon! To begin, I had so much fun and I’m already missing it. That being said, there was a lot of people this year and because of that, this caused many problems for those who went.

I also believe that VIP was not worth it as a first timer. But, compared to a recent post by Bookcaveblog, I’ve found that it has been in development based on our yearly surveys. They do listen to our feedback and work toward improving this expensive treat. I may consider going again next year but I do not know.

The main problem was the supply not meeting the demand. When your demographic increases and the attendee count increases, you should expect an influx in foot traffic. Because of this, these publishers should be increasing the amount of ARCs that they bring to this convention.  There are a slew of other reasons that everything always ended up in a line but this is the main thing I found wrong.

First thing I was bent on doing is getting one of the First 50 Free copies. As I mentioned supply/demand. Why not 100 and people not be in a frenzy? Moving on, I got on line for this bad boy, got the signature, and got out. I also got this lovely autograph on my Bookbeau book cover.

Next, while in line for Kingsbane, we spotted these babies being given out and quickly ran there after the signing. These were being given away along with another ARC titled: Technically, You Started It.

Next up was the lovely litjoy line! They were great with their line handling and we decided to get in line while it was nice and short. I snagged a cute pin and my friend snagged me a print!

There were many booths that included fun games to wait in line and spin for. These were some of the best parts since you knew you had a chance at something good like a book box or an ARC.

We were able to snag these wonderful tickets while wandering the Penguin Teen booth. This was a random teen pick that we were told to line up for only a few minutes beforehand. The book they turned out to be giving away was Fireborne, which I’m pleased to say I have already read and reviewed (Fireborne).

On to the Haul.

This is everything I got for free on this glorious Sunday (Bookbeau not included, but signatures are).  From children’s books, to enamel pins. Full sized hardcovers and prints. I tried to grab a bite of anything I could find. I love looking everything up and reviewing things afterward. After all, my father’s favorite quote is:

Nothing in life is for free.

Everything I purchased on the last day!

Pro tip: The end of the day on Sunday is where you get the most bang for your buck. Many booths expect to sell out of a lot of what they brought. Because of this, they end up giving away or severely discounting it in order to make carrying and shipping things back less expensive dd.

Most of these books are from the lovely Sourceboks. Thank you so much for offering unbeatable and affordable prices for this con. It is always such a pleasure buying from your booth. I also scored the Pop out Dinosaur figurines for dirt cheap and I snagged a whole box of greeting cards for five bucks. I am set on cards for years.

And that is all she wrote for Bookcon. But, do not fear! There are other book related event incl using NYCC where many publishers come and give out ARCs as well.

How was your time at Bookcon? If you didn’t go, what is your favorite thing you have seen?


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