[Unboxing] June’s Once Upon A Book Club Box

Now presenting: The June Once Upon A Book Club box! 
: Young Adult
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Once Upon A Book Club box is a monthly subscription that runs for around $41 a month(including shipping). The goal of this box is to open each gift once you reach the page. The item will either be stated or inspired by something on that page. I will be posting the quote from the book that each item comes from. If you are interested in this box, click here to sign up!

Now, on to the Unboxing! 

Remember, the aim for this box is to pretend it is like a book club. In book clubs you usually read to a certain chapter and then discuss what is happening so far in a book. I like to think of it as incentive to actually read the book. Remember: The goal of this box is to open each gift once you reach the page. The item will either be stated or inspired by something on that page. I devoured this baby in three days because I needed to know what is in this box (because I loved the book).

First is the Young Adult book of the month! You have the option to either guess from the synopsis or leave it a total mystery. I had no idea what book to expect so this was an amazing surprise.

With the Fire on High by Elizabeth Acevedo. I haven’t loved a book like this in so long. Emoni Santiago is a strong half-black, half-Puerto Rican single mother who is doing everything she can for herself and her Babygirl. For a full review of this amazing book, CLICK HERE.

“She hands me the knives before I ask for them, cleans the cutting board before I realize I need it rinsed.

-Pg. 91

Okay, are you guys seeing this? I received an actual cutting board in a book box! How unique is that? And it is so gorgeous! I price this as at least $19.99. Paired with the book you get the price of the box already. In short, this is definitely worth the money.

“I ball up the dish towel but after a glance at ‘Buela smooth is out.”

Pg. 170

Now this, has to be the weirdest gift but you have to admit, still unique. This is a dish towel but more like a hang-able art. The combination of adorable pasta with a singular penne in the center. With as meme style face and arms drawn on. A+ work on the pun though. This will be put on my wall somewhere in this house or so help me.

“I baked her a dozen colorful macarons”

Pg. 263

Placed preciously in a macaron box and individual wrapped were six tiny plastic maracrons. There are labeled as jewelry boxes and do open with a small space inside but these will be great props for photos.

“And so, I pulled up the card…”

Pg. 383

This is a perfect example of an item being inspired by something on the page. One of the chef’s gives Emoni a card and this is what that card would look like. This was very different but I know a couple people did not like it. I love it and will be placing this somewhere because it’s so cute!

The final item was not wrapped or kept a secret. This is the print to the right with the lovely quote. This fruit theme had me in love with this summery feel.

Altogether, this box is a 5 out of 5 stars, amazingly unique book box. I loved this so much my only problem is with the price. Coming out to a whopping $41 a month that’s not money I can be dropping. But, anytime I get spare change, I can guarantee it will go straight to this. In short, this is definitely worth the money.

Grab your Once Upon A Book Club Box soon! They offer not only a Young Adult box, but an Adult box as well!

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