Goodreads Challenge: Mid Year Check In

Time for our mid-year check ins!

I am doing great this year. In the past month I read nine whole books! That’s most I’ve like ever read. Well, not counting my old manga days. I have read 48 books out of my 100 books goal. I’m almost half way there and I’m halfway through the year. This goal is definitely a challenge for me so I may have to bring it down to 75 books next year.

My Goodreads list so far:

goodreads p1goodreads p2goodreads p3

It feels so long since I started this year I can’t believe how much I’ve read! Honestly, 100 books a year is my limit. I am struggling with this but that’s okay! I use this goal to keep me going. It was easier when I had more free time at my previous job but this is fine. I must adapt.

What was your reading goal this year? Will you be making changes like I am next year?

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