[Book Review] Fawkes

Title: Fawkes
Author: Nadine Brandes
Pages: 488
Genre: Adventure, Historical Fiction
Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

I’m so sorry I did not enjoy this book. I absolutely adore this author as she is the sweetest thing ever but this novel just did not live up to my expectations. I also want to bring awareness to the fact that it’s okay for you not to like a book by your favorite author. Not all books are perfect for you. I do want to add that I love her second book, Romanov (review to come later).

We follow Thomas Fawkes, who finds out he will not be receiving his color mask. In order to obtain a one he must seek out his father in London. When he finds his father, he finds out there is more than meets the surface and that they are part of a larger plot.

Oh No’s

I’m sorry but this is now deemed SPOILER ALERT. Found halfway through the novel but not deep enough to be considered an end reveal. We find out that one of the characters is actually black and has been hiding this from everyone else. I am just astounded at the amount of energy that must have been used to cover every piece of her skin and how on earth no one saw this. They only thing she is described of wearing is a mask to cover her face. A mask…. deceives everyone… into not seeing her skin color? Also, the fact that black people having to be in hiding was not mentioned once until this point. I just-


I loved how thought-out the color magic was. Having igniters versus keepers was such a unique dynamic. It was the equivalent of what happened in real life but with a magical twist. The color magic really made everything come together.

Historical fiction is one of my favorite genres. This book takes place in 17th century London and centers around The Gunpowder Plot with none other than Guy Fawkes being our main characters father. Brandes puts a twist on these classic novels such as her new book Romanov. I already have that book as well so I’m hoping she learned from her first book and grew from this with more plot


This book had a great idea and plot but I feel the characters just fell short to me. I really do suggest this book if you are interested in a historical fiction novel with a magic twist.

My similar recommendation for this novel would be Bound by Donna Jo Napoli. She is a great Historical Fiction author.

Favorite Quote

“My culture had affected my thinking without my consent. How many other things had it shaped without my knowing it?”


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  1. I tried listening to the audiobook of this one and had to DNF it. The way the narrator made Thomas so whiny was really annoying, and I hated that he kept reminding us that he’s not a boy and gets angry every time someone calls him boy. And I agree that the whole hiding skin color behind a mask was just not okay. I’m glad to see though that you liked Romanov which gives me hope that I would like it as well!

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