[Unboxing] August 2019 Owlcrate

Now presenting: The August Owlcrate box! 
: Storms and Seas
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Owlcrate is a monthly subscriptions box that runs for around $35 a month. Each month is a different theme and comes with a signed hardcover in every box. You will always get your money’s worth, it’s just a matter of what tastes you have.

Now, on to the Unboxing!

First up is the lovely tea from Riddle’s Tea Shoppe. This flavor is Decaf Earl Gray and Hazelnut Spice. I’m not a big tea drinker but I do have this lovely clear teapot I have specially for these teas.

Moving on, we have a wonderful pencil case. Coated in a wonderful pastel design inspired by The Scorpio Races. This tin case will come in handy for trinkets that I have no homes for.

The other item in this picture is the Pin of the Month. Every month, Owlcrate includes an enamel pin based on the month’s book. This one depicts a Lighthouse which I wish was actually the Octopus Crest that was mentioned throughout the book. But the lighthouse’s light does glow in the dark.

Next up, we have a wonderful Little Mermaid inspired bath salt. Created by The Soap Librarian, this bath salt contains hints of orange and a variety of flowers, this wonderful smelling salt is a perfect addition to any bath. I placed this with all my Lush supplies.

To the right, is the wonderful wooden bookmark inspired by Daughter of the Pirate King. The woodwork is spectacular and I love the quote that is used. Unfortunately, this will have to remain a decoration as being at least a centimeter thick, this thicc boy will ruin any book I place it in.

Please do not be fooled, the mint daddy to the left is my own tea light. But, the black tea light to the right was included in this month’s Owlcrate box. Inspired as well by the lighthouse as well, this wonderful candle holder is perfect to place in any space without taking away from the decor.

The moment you have all been waiting for!

The Book of the Month: House of Salt and Sorrow.

Written by the lovely Erin A. Craig, we enter a world unlike any other. On the outcrops of the ocean lives a manor. And in this manor lived twelve sister. Key word her: lived. When death befalls three of the sisters, many believe a curse has found the Thaumas sisters. But what if there were more than what meets the eye?

[Insert picture of all the items together that I forgot to take]

Altogether, this was a great box that stayed true to the theme! I also loved the book and will be sharing a review of it soon 🙂


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  1. This looks so fantastic! I’ve gotten an owlcrate box once before, but living in Australia the shipping is so expensive (not something they can help, just the downside of living so far away from the rest of the world haha!)

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