[Book Review] House of Salt and Sorrow


Title: House of Salt and Sorrow
Author: Erin A Craig
Pages: 400
Genre: Young Adult, Mystery
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

So I started out reading this book as an E-book ARC that I was reviewing for Netgalley. Then, a certain book box arrived with this gorgeous book and I literally squealed. I really need to start looking up what the books of the month are.

We follow Annaleigh Thaumas, one of twelve sisters born under riches and royalty. But, when her sisters start to mysteriously die, things get dark in the family. When her sister Eulalie dies, Annaleigh becomes convinced that there isn’t something right about her sister’s death. It’s up to her to try to see truth within reason.

Oh No’s

The following oh no is not so much a *spoiler* but as a complaint and a warning. This is the reason I bumped this down from 5 stars to 4 stars.

They never explain why the first three sisters die. Like, this whole book is about finding out why her sisters have been dying and in the end, nothing is revealed. If anyone has found otherwise or can justify this problem, please let me know.


Annaleigh is one of my favorite characters. Her consistent compassion for Morella as a person really made me love her character. I felt she was just truthful to herself the whole time. Even losing herself within her own happiness at times.

The imagery in this book is literally 10/10. I really felt like I lived in a town right by the ocean. There we constant allusions to the salty smells and rich sea food. Even their adventures included the sea and I felt I could taste the salty sea.


The mystery was so much fun but I feel the truth in the end fell depressingly flat. Although, the plot felt lackluster with insta love popping up, the imagery and story telling made up for it. I recommend reading this just to experience this palace by the sea.

My similar recommendation for this novel would unfortunately be Caravel.

Favorite Quote

“A brisk wind whipped across Salten, bringing the brine up off the sea. The long grasses were yellow and dry, and a skim of ice crackled across the fountain. It wouldn’t be long till Churning.”

Pg. 125

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  1. I too was disappointed that there was no real answer about the first 3 sisters. All I could gather was that it really was an illness, 2 accidents. Only the twins were killed as payment of the deal since the 4th sister was murdered.

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