[Book Review] How To Make Friends With The Dark

Title: How To Make Friends With The Dark
Author: Kathleen Glasgow
Pages: 411
Genre: Young Adult, Slice of Life, Grief
Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars

“Here is what happens when your mother dies.”

Grace “Tiger” Tolliver started out her day like any other normal teenager. Going to school, hanging out with her best friend, even almost hooking up with the cute boy from class. But her whole world changes when she gets the call. This is a story about grief and about how lost someone can find themselves. This is for those who have reached their darkest moments and have lived on.

Oh No’s

Do not drink and drive. No matter what is happening in your life, driving while intoxicated is just dumb. Call a freaking uber or just stay there till you’re sober. You are not invincible and even if you think you can get home without hurting anyone, I guarantee you can and you could. Do you really want to be responsible for someone else’s life? Don’t do it!  [This is addressed in the book and I would just like to emphasize this]


This book is exceedingly well written detailing grief, death, foster systems, and troubled families. This is not a book for those week of heart but it does tell a tale of how to struggle with that grief and shows the little things that push you through the pain.

 The coping mechanisms displayed in this book are so accurate. Tiger copes with her loss by lashing out and wearing her mother’s dress, The author really showed how teenagers think when they cope. Our main girl has a few panic attacks  as well which as described but never outspoken. For any psychology major or interest, this book will speak to you.


For those who have dealt with the worst and came back, this book is for you. Finding help within and through others is one of the best ways to help in a painful situation. There are so many different ways to cope with life and this book shows those ways in a whole new light.

My similar recommendation for this novel would be Deliver Me from Evil by Alloma Gilbert. Sowing the true natures of the broken foster system just as this book did.

Favorite Quote

“‘If there’s anything in here I should know about, now’s the time,’ she murmurs.

‘Like what?’

‘Dangerous objects, drugs, things like that.’

I stare at her. ‘You got me. That tampon is really filled with weed and I’m an expert at using a mascara wand for a shiv.'”

Pg. 65

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