[Unboxing] September 2019 Owlcrate

Now presenting: The September Owlcrate box! 
: Fear The Night
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Owlcrate is a monthly subscriptions box that runs for around $35 a month. Each month is a different theme and comes with a signed hardcover in every box. You will always get your money’s worth, it’s just a matter of what tastes you have.

Now, on to the Unboxing!

First up, we got some coffee. The flavor of it is Caramel Corn. This is a special blend made for Owlcrate. I’m gonna be honest with you, this will be re-gifted right on time for the holiday season.

Next we have a pair of finger-less gloves. Now if you remember, we have already received a pair of finger-less gloves before. I have really bad circulation so this is a good re-gift item as well I guess but I hate that these are both repeat items.

Oh yes, look at that trinket dish. Complete with a quote from Mary Shelley herself. This is an adorable item and the box it came in is equally adorable.

We also received a lovely sampler of The Beautiful by Reneé Ahdieh. I love that they are including samplers more often I would love for them to include arcs too but that is a little far fetched of a request.

Next is the Pin of The Month which is totally in theme. We have a lovely skull with flowers atop that glow in the dark. They are finally edging away from the circular pins that they kept doing which is wonderful.

Best extra item ever. This was hinted at in the previous box and I was so excited to see which Penguin Horror novel we would receive. This is an exclusive paperback edition of The Haunting Of Hill House written by Shirley Jackson with a special introduction from Guillermo Del Toro. As some of you may know there is a Netflix series based off of this classic book so I’m excited to finally get my hands on the book so I can start this series.

The following item in this print with a spooky scene inspired by Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury. There’s nothing else to say about this item but I’m glad it was included.

Now onto the Book of the Month. This lovely exclusive white cover edition of The Bone Houses by Emily Lloyd-Jones. I am especially excited about this because it is a book I’ve never heard of. The only thing I know about this book is that it is about Grave things.

[Insert picture of all the items together that I always forget to take]

Altogether, this was a great early Halloween box that really got me into the holiday season!


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