[Book Review] Furyborn

Title: Furyborn
Author: Claire Legrand
Pages: 470
Genre: Young Adult, Action & Adventure, Romance
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

We follow two girls each with their own storyline. First is Rielle Dardenne, who we learn might be the prophisezed Queen but no one can know this. She has had to keep her powers a secret her entire life but when the one she loves is threatened, everything changes in an instant. A thousand year later, we are introduced to Eliana Ferracora. She is an assassin hired to get of rebels to the empire. She soon meets a stranger who makes a deal with her to travel to distant lands. Where will this lead her?

What do these two girls have in common? Who knows, but this is two stories in one and I could not get enough of every chapter.

Oh No’s

The ending was like BABAM for one of the characters but for the other it really fell quite flat. Now I understand that this book opens at the close but this book did not close. You WILL need to continue on in the series if you want to have a true end. This is advertised as a trilogy for a reason.


Both main characters are so unique I love them so much. Rielle gives me such Celaena Sardotheon vibes that she just snuggled right into my heart. Eliana is a different vibe entirely from Rielle but I feel she is very much like Mia Covere.

This book is a two in one book where there are two individual stories told a thousand years apart. There are crossovers between the two and somehow they are connected but I will not reveal how or why. They are both action packed and I loved every second of it.


As I said, this book is a trilogy and luckily I currently own the second already– KINGSBANE. I very much look forward to continuing this series and finding out what happens to everyone.

My similar recommendation for this novel would be definitely Throne of Glass by Sarah J Maas and Nevernight by Jay Kristoff. If they were one book together.

Favorite Quote

“Despite the danger of the race, she couldn’t help but wish they could stay out here– away from the court, away from everyone else– forever.”

Pg. 48

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