10 Ways To Afford Being A Book Blogger

I get constant questions on how can I afford being a book blogger and how much did it cost to get all of those books. Now, the books pictured above are only the ones in my TBR cart but I am proud of them because I’ve barely spent any money on them!

I now want to take the time to share with you my secrets of the trade. I hope these tips will help you as well.

In no particular order:

1) Book boxes

Pictured above is Owlcrate book box. This is my main way that I score newly released signed hardcovers at a fraction of the price. Standing at $35 a box plus the amount of all items added up, you are scoring this new novel for less than $10.

Of course, this is my most expensive suggestion and Owlcrate is the only box I am subscribed to simply so I can stay up to date without breaking the bank.

Quick Tip: Use this link to get your next box today! And don’t forget to look up any coupons for your first time purchase!

2) Giveaways

Next up is my favorite way to obtain books and that is through giveaways! The two main sites I enter on are Goodreads and Twitter.

Pictured above is my giveaway I hosted on Twitter with entry being super simple. Simply have an account and like/retweet the post. This helps spread the post to others and liking it is a nice way to help count the votes. Goodreads giveaways are also great to enter as well and let me give you a tip: Sort by Ending Soon.

Always join giveaways even if you think you have no chance because as the great Michael Scott said:

3) Netgalley/Edelweiss

This is a great way to score new Advanced Reader Copies of books that have yet to come out. Simply sign up and request books you’re interested in. But don’t go too crazy now as you need to keep up an 80% review ratio in order to be accepted.

Quick tip: Only requests books you are interested in and don’t over do it. Remember: you have to review every book you get accepted.

4) Thrift Stores

These fabulous treasure troves are just the right place score great books for cheap. When people unload their books, this is the best place to drop them off and sometimes you can find some great hidden gems. This is also a good way to get some classics that have been lost to the world.

5) Conventions

Conventions, specifically Bookcon and New York Comic Con, are my go to places to stock up on books for the year. Whether free ARCS, free signings, or deals, conventions are the place to go to stock up on all your book (and nerdy) needs. For example: Everything in the picture above was free.

Pro Tip: If there are mass quantities of an item, never be afraid to ask if they’re free. The worst they can say is no.

6) Book outlet

All the books you see above I got for $35. You heard that right! Book outlet buys them in bulk and they may be slightly scratched or have a mark or two on the paper side but they’re books and quite popular ones at that.

You do have to buy $35 dollares worth of books in order to get free shipping. But, shipping costs five dollars so that five dollars you are paying could simply be an additional book.

Pro Tip: Use this link to get 10$ off your next purchase!

7) Kindle E-Book Deals

This was how I was able to read the entire Throne of Glass series for $5 a book. This was also how I scored Nevernight for $2. Simply subscribe to the Kindle daily deals newsletter and you will be told when there are new deals on great books.

Pro Tip: I also suggested keeping physical books in your cart or wishlist and keeping an eye on those prices as well. You never know when they could go on sale.

8) The Library

Taking a trip down to your local library and getting yourself a good ol’ library card can open whole new worlds for you! The limit is usually around five books and you can take them out for around a month at a time but it depends on the book.

This is a way to score absolutely free books and help your community in the process. Of course, you have to return them but then there’s no clutter!

9) Book Swap/Trade

This is a great way to not only make friends but to get a book in return. You can follow the tags: #arcsfortrade and #booksfortrade and see if there are any you are interested in.

I also suggest joining a few Facebook groups as well. Facebook has become so different we might as well use it for our bookly needs.

10) Little Free Libraries

This is the most unique way to get yourself some new books. Similar to a book swap, you can leave a book when you take a book or if you are struggling please feel free to just take a book. These are so great for communities to get to know each other and to help show a sense of togetherness.

And that’s all she wrote!

Do you have any tips on how to get a few books without hurting your wallet? Feel free to share in comments!

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22 thoughts on “10 Ways To Afford Being A Book Blogger

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    1. The conventions is definitely only if you’re around them. I’m lucky to live in NYC so I can attend these. I never turn down a used book because there’s usually nothing even wrong with them!


  1. Wonderful list! Those little free libraries are so wonderful and I always try to find some around me! I once scored an ARC through one of those, so there are definitely some hidden gems there

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  2. All great tips! I have a book budget every month at the moment 😏 but kindle is great for cheap and free reads in a pinch – I get free audiobook credits, which are good too. Secondhand books for the win though!

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