[Book Review] Cujo

[October TBR #1]

Title: Cujo
Author: Stephen King
Pages: 484
Genre: Thriller, Fiction, Horror
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

The classic horror fiction novel we all know as the dog who went rabid. Cujo wasn’t always a killer dog though, he was a sweet pet to the Cambers. When he chases a rabbit into a whole and gets swiped by a bat who has rabies, Cujo loses sight of himself and only has one thing in mind. To get rid of everyone who could have caused this pain. But, Donna Trenton is about to come face to face with this dog in more ways than one.

Oh No’s

Holy info dump, Stephen King! I literally got the main characters entire life story, including how he built his entire business and the ups and downs of it, in the second chapter. I do not care about this man, I want the goddamn dog. This was so excessive and unnecessary but I guess he gotta get that word count somehow.

The suspense was not worth the effort. There was 10% suspense and actual action and 90% bullshit that had nothing to do with this dog or even the main character.


What suspense there was in this book was definitely chilling. It had my heart pumping during the Cujo moments especially at the end. And Stephen King always has his signature flair throughout the book and at the climax.


This book is not worth your time unless you are willing to get through the boring just for the little bit of action. It is worth the read if you are trying to read every single Stephen King book since it is a classic.

My similar recommendation for this novel would be The Butterfly Garden by Dot Hutchison.

Favorite Quote

“‘Just a good-for-nothing drunk and I don’t give a shit!’ Gary told the birds and the shingles in the diseased elm. He tipped his glasses. He farted. He swatted a bug.”

Pg. 51-52

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  1. Love the puppy ❤ very appropriate inclusion for the pics. 😀 Very helpful review, am curious about all of King's books but am often at a loss for what's most recommendable. Also interested in The Butterfly Garden after seeing it on Kindle UL, nice to see it recommended here.

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