Saturday at NYCC 2019

Hello everyone!

This is my 12th year in a row going to New York Comic Con and I’m here to show you the basics to NYCC as well as what I saw and did this past con.

First up, of course, is getting your badges. In May/June of every year, New York Comic Con announces their badge release dates and prices. When they do go on sale, it is an all out battle for the coveted Saturday pass. I was able to score because of my continual attendance, we have been deemed Legacy fans and are entitled to presale.

Once your tickets are purchased, they will arrive about a month prior to NYCC. Make sure you don’t forget to activate them and please remember to bring them.

Now you’re ready to go!

Driving is not suggested when going to the Javits center but there is free parking below 26th street. You can also pay a garage fee but I suggest roaming around the lower streets and walking to save yourself the money.

Pictured here is the new interactive art installation called The Vessel. I was able to see this on my wonderful walk to NYCC from our free parking space.

I try to come up with a list of things I want to do when I get to comic con and the first on that list was to go into this giant Krusty Krab. Unfortunately, their line management gets an F rating with everyone swarming in and only 30 people in line with a 2 hour wait.

My husband and I looked at each other and nodded in agreement. 2 hours in line at the start of NYCC is a waste when the reward is unknown. We ended up going straight to the show floor and wandering the aisles.

My go-to strategy is starting at one end of the con and just going up and down the aisles until I reach some sort of end. If not I come back later but I always try to see every booth because you never know what you might miss.

For every day you go, you can recieve one free shirt from the Chevy booth. This year they had a smaller booth but all you have to do is stand in line for about 5 minutes, answer a quick survey and get your free shirt.

It’s the same thing with the Geico booth except they giveaway a guaranteed free bag and you just have the chance to win a t-shirt (won that too). Most of the large booths offer freebies throughout the day so if you see a booth with a bunch of the same items giving them away, go up and ask!

While wandering the aisles, you get to see hundreds of different items. Look at this amazing poster from Harry Potter that we ended up passing by.

Behold! Johnny Yong Bosch. The voice actor for Ichigo Kurasqji from Bleach among other things he is quite famous and honestly shouldn’t have been at a booth but at the autographing area. His booth caused constant traffic throughout the con.

That is the one thing that you will see at big cons like this. Foot traffic is at an all time high where you find yourself waddling along at the speed of -.003 miles and hour. But the good thing is you’re surround by hundreds of the sweetest people on earth. You say I’m sorry for every bump and brush and the other says it’s okay!

Now I tried to stick to a schedule of sorts but ended up losing track less an hour in. One thing I happened upon while going through the book publishers was this amazing author. I got the chance to meet the amazing Jess Rothenburg and purchased her book just get her autograph. She wrote a new book called The Kingdom and I am so excited to dive into this novel.

One great thing about NYCC is the offer of a lottery. This is where you get the chance to enter for either a pre-reserved seat on a panel, an autograph session, and/or the chance to get the exclusive Funko pops. I didn’t win anything for Sunday.

But, we ended up winning seats to the An Hour with Adam Savage panel. It was wonderful being able to see Adam Savage again. He is such a wonderfully imaginative person. He is able to inspire so many people it’s great being able to see him in the flesh. His moderator was great as well.

Right before we left, we decided to snag a mystery box for of items from The Office! After our last purchase, we got the heck outta there. But before leaving: a quick selfie!

Now for the HAUL!

EVERYTHING in this picture was free!

I’m not called the Freebie Queen for nothing! I was able to get seven books, two shirts, a few posters, a few bags, a whole lotta random stuff in between. I use my winnings to fill up mail that I send to my fellow readers or for myself.

These are all of my purchases and extras that my husband kept taking.

First we will start with the purchases to the left. I got such a soft pair of dinosaur pants, manatee stickers, Zapp Brannigan from Futurama, Disney pins, and Dumbledore’s wand!

To the right, are various doubles we obtained due to there being two of us and everyone simply assuming my husband would also like a copy. He also got two of them just to make me angry and put my name on them! The doubles that I have I will be sending out in various giveaways through the year hosted on my Twitter.

And this is a summary of all the new books I got! Even though my goal was not to concentrate on books, they were the only guaranteed free item with value. I also got a mystery box for three young adult books which you see added above.

And that’s all she wrote! Please stay tuned for my Sunday at NYCC post.

For you have any questions or tips to add? Please let me know in the comments below!

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