Sunday at NYCC 2019

Hello everyone!

I’m back with another post about my adventures to New York Comic Con. I go every year and enjoy the ability to see and shop for all my favorite things.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, please take a look at my Saturday at NYCC 2019 post. Above are the yearly lanyards that NYCC provides every year but these past two years they’ve added the perfect flair for any collector.

Sunday was a chill day for me unlike Saturday (my freebie collecting day). My parents came to comic con to celebrate mine and my mom’s birthdays so I really just stuck around with them most of the time. We mostly just spent the time walking through the aisle’s of NYCC, going to the autographing area, and getting the chance to finally walk Artist Alley.

If everyone could please take a moment to appreciate my little sister’s amazing cosplay. She used my old wig and made Dani from The Adventure Zone casual cosplay. She also had to grab the graphic novel being sold at the Tor booth and take a quick pic in front of the booth.

Earlier on that day, I saw a small sign that said “V.E. Schwab signing, 1:30pm” with purchase of graphic novel. Okay, now I was interested, since V.E. Schwab does not usually have such open signings and the fact that I had not seen this beforehand. A half an hour beforehand I decided to stop by and see how the line was and found I was only 10th on line. I called my parents and let them know I was going to be held up for the next half an hour.

By pure coincidence, I had decided to purchase A Darker Shade Of Magic at half price earlier this same day. When the person in front of me took out their own book to be signed I got so excited to see that she would be signing multiple books. It was so wonderful to meet this amazing cat-eared genius.

This past Sunday was my mom’s birthday (mine is the day after hers). She wanted to take the chance to meet James Marsters again and get not only a group photo with him, but also get his autograph on said photo.

If you don’t know, James Marsters is a famous actor with his well known parts having been from the shows Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. He played a vampire and was one of the main characters in the show. My mom was a huge fan of the shows and therefore of his.

Now moving on to the HAUL!

My favorite picture and book score ever is getting A Darker Shade of Magic by V. E. Schwab with her autograph right on the front. I am now going to do this with all of my favorite books if I get them signed in person. What is the point of an autograph if no one can see it?

I also got the second book of the graphic novel and a poster from the book as well!

Pictured above is the rest of my haul from Sunday of NYCC.

Starting with the purchased items: Aquicorn Cove, The Office Funko Pops, a Character Creation sheet, the two prints at the top- T-Rex girl, Pharah and Mercy, and a few stickers.

The rest was all free including 6 books (one not pictured), a shark hat, more stickers, light up cat ears, and a flashlight!

As I said, I spent more of this day with my family so my goal wasn’t to score a big haul. I had so much fun and honestly wish I could go for ever more days, there’s never enough time.

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