[Book Review] Shadow Weaver

[October TBR #2]

Title: Shadow Weaver
Author: MarcyKate Connolly
Pages: 324
Genre: Middle Grade, Mystery
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

This is like a PG version of Nevernight.

Emmeline has the ability to talk and control the shadows around her. She is especially close to her own shadow who goes by the name of Dar. Her family is afraid and soon they are driven to the last straw. Emmeline, scared and alone except for Dar, escapes her home and finds another who has powers similar to hers. But what do they  have in common and why is he here?

Oh No’s

I felt that there was nothing special about this book. This was be because this felt like a bunch of books smashed into one but for a middle grade novel, this would be perfect for any adolescent to read.


The mystery behind this girl and her shadow was marvelous. I loved her abilities and how she used them. This was very similar to how Mia Corvere used her abilities so it was wonderful to read with that similarity in mind.

The end had a great twist with the end being pretty much a stand-alone but there is a second novel that is coming out. I will most likely only stay with this one cause that end satisfied me wholeheartedly.


This is a great middle grade fantasy novel about a girl and her shadow. Except her shadow talks and manipulated her but that’s okay. This was my second read for my October themed reading and it definitely lived up to the spooky aspect u wanted.

My similar recommendation for this novel would be Shadowfrost by Coco Ma.

Favorite Quote

“Instead, I held out my tiny arms and smiled at the shadow in the corner of the room.

And it smiled back.”

Pg. 1

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