[Book Review] Spin The Dawn

Title: Spin The Dawn
Author: Elizabeth Lim
Pages: 387
Genre: Fantasy, Action & Adventure
Rating: 5 out of 5

This fantasy novel blends together Mulan with Project Runway and beyond!

We follow Maia as she embarks on a journey in place of her brother. She will compete to be the new royal tailor for the emperor. With a parting gift from her father and strength in her heart, Maia will need to fight to keep afloat in this completion and follow where it leads.

Oh No’s

The story-line really changes around a lot. This is an ever changing adventure that ended in a way you would not expect when first reading this book. I feel like this could be a turn off for some people in regards to their tastes.


Edan the enchanter was my favorite character. At first, he was a little standoffish but once the adventure took off, he really started to grow on me. By the end, I was practically hanging on his every word(and Maia’s every action/decision)

I loved the ending to this book so much I will definitely be continuing with the series as that end was so unexpected. I must know what happens to our Maia and Edan!


As I said, this was an action packed book with a plot that twists and turns. I loved how it ended and the sequel cover was just released. I definitely suggest giving this book a read if you are interested in an adventure!

My similar recommendation for this novel would be House of Salt and Sorrows by Erin A. Craig. 

Favorite Quote

“‘Finish your tea.’

I hesitated.

‘Toads and turds, girl, it’s not poison. Drink the whole thing.'”

Pg. 117

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