[Book Review] Tell Me Everything

Title: Tell Me Everything
Author: Sarah Enmi
Pages: 268
Genre: Contemporary, romance
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Centers around Ivy who for some reason loves giving random acts of kindness for no reason. Her best friend Harold feels farthe rna farther away the more he adds to his plate and Ivy finds herself obsessing over pictures she sees on the app VIEL- and anonymous space where people post their photos

Oh No’s

She just inserted herself into everyone’s business. She played these off as Random Acts of Kindness but if you ever saw Pay it Forward, you know it doesn’t end well. She may have meant well but I feel like it didn’t fit her character as the introvert she kept claiming to be.


I loved the connection Ivy made with the other boy. Even though, her views oif everything was way off, she still was extremely friendly to everyone.


This was a quick read that was definitely enjoyable. It was a unique story that encouraged RAOK and I feel this is a great way to encourage others.

Favorite Quote

“I’You’re a great model.” I hide my blush behind my camera.

‘Anything for a friend,’ he says.

Oof. Friend.”

Pg. 120

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