[Book Review] A River of Royal Blood

Title: A River of Royal Blood
Author: Amanda Joy
Pages: 351
Genre: Fantasy, Action, Young Adult
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Evalina is the next princess in line for the crown. But so is her sister. Thanks to a law set forth by the first queen, Eva must fight her sister to the death to claim the crown. The only problem is Eva doesn’t know how to use her magic as she is the only one in the kingdom with this magic. Eva must find a way to unlock her power and save herself from being killed at the hands of her own sister.

Oh No’s

Ugh there will be a next book. Although honestly I really am happy with how this ended but to support this amazing author and because I want to read more about this world I will definitely be continuing with this book err series now.


Loved the four types of people and the lore of this world. Seriously, top notch world building. One of my favorite quote really helps to emphasize how unique this world is and I really enjoyed learning more about it!

“I took a deep breath. “There is a line in every song I’ve heard about you . They add it even if the song isn’t written in Khimaeran. Al’aedin colish coleen, al codish volduva.

‘”The world is wild with untamed things,'” Baccha translated, his eyes twinkling with pleasure.

Pg. 80

Baccha was the most amazing character. From his introduction to how he becomes such an anchor point for Eva I just loved his dynamic in this story. I cant wait to read the novel just to get more of him.


This is a great fantasy novel with amazing world building. If you are look for an adventure series then please look no further.

My similar recommendation for this novel would be Three Dark Queens by Astrid Scholte.

Favorite Quote

“We were greeted first by words inscribed onto the shell-pink marble floor: ‘May the pages of our books number vast as the skies, so that we can know the world as we have learned the skies.’ “

Pg. 65

Thank you Penguin Teen for this amazing opportunity to be a part of your team. This has in no way influenced me, I can assure you.

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