[Book Review] Siege and Storm

Title: Siege and Storm ( Shadow & Bone #2)
Author: Leigh Bardugo
Pages: 432
Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult, Action & Adventure
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

This is not the first book in the series. Please click here for a review of book one.

We are back again in the Grishaverse only this time there are pirates. Alina and Mal have escaped the Darklings clutches but only just barely. Now they must escape him again with the help of some unexpected people. The adventure continues in this sequel (but not finished cause there’s still one more book)!

Oh No’s

The middle dragged out so much. This was to be expected since they do seem top go in circles over and over again and thus is very predictable but for some reason it really works for this book?


I love Alina and Mal together so much. They are really a unique couple to me. Yeah they go through fights and I don’t know why but I just really love how much they work together. I hope to see more of them in the third book.

I finally figured out the meaning of these covers and I am loving the fact that I got the alternative covers in the trilogy set. There are really unique and I actually gifted someone the first book specifically with this cover.


Again, I am very happy with this series. This story really flows and I am in love with these covers. I really can’t wait to continue with this series.

My similar recommendation for this novel would be The Poppy War (Specifically The Dragon Republic) by R. F. Kuang.

Favorite Quote

“‘Keep your elbows in!’ Sturmhond berated Mal. ‘Stop flapping them like some kind of chicken.’

Mal let out a disturbingly convincing cluck.”

Pg. 111

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