[Book Review] The Wicked King


Title: The Wicked King (The Folk in the Air #2)
Author: Holly Black
Pages: 322
Genre: Fantasy, Action & Adventure
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

The Wicked king is the sequel to The Cruel Prince, please click here in order to read about the first book.

The Wicked King is about Jude and how she and Cardon are now the high King of the fairy world just barely grasped the crown at the end of the last but can she still hold onto the crown even when everyone is trying to take it away from her? For a year and a day card on made a bet? With her. We will find out more after this

Oh No’s

I don’t like the way that this story begins and honestly I cannot remember a single word from the first book which is very unusual because when I read I usually remember everything that happened in the previous book. But this one I can just not remember and Holly black really dived into the story.  She kind of explains things but for some reason there are a thousand people in the first book who show up in the second that I did not remember. Reading my previous review, I loved these people but a little reintroduction to them wouldv’e been nice.


I definitely love the faerie world aspect of this book. I really like the details about this world such as she uses mint leaves to fix her breath and salts and lemon soap. I just like the description in this book and found it a very green description of the fairy lifestyle

Another great thing about this book is Jude. I love her. She’s a great main characters. She’s very corny and smart, a good strategist and conniving. I enjoyed her as the protagonist and can’t wait to read more of her schemes in the next book.


This series is interesting but I do not the hype for this book. It is quite bland and has way too many characters. Unfortunately, I already have the final book Queen of Nothing, in my possession and I probably will give it as read because of my curiosity. But, don’t give in to the hype on this one.

My similar recommendation for this novel would be Shadow & Bone by Leigh Bardugo.

Favorite Quote

“‘Each of you will have a chance to play it, and whoever plays most sweetly, you will have it. For art is more than virtue or vice.'”

Pg. 138

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