[Book review] Aurora Rising


Title: Aurora Rising
Author: Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff
Pages: 470
Genre: Scifi/Fantasy, Action & Adventure
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Aurora Rising is about a group of six young space cadets who are tasked on their first mission when, of course, things go wrong and they find a stowaway who is actually a 200-year-old girl from the past. This girl is none other than our young Aurora. I don’t think I even need to continue this summary.

Oh No’s

I really wish this was written in third person. I kept losing track of what character I was reading as. There was nothing except a single name change and none were ever consistent I felt. Sorry, this is actually seven characters which means seven different points of view. I was so lost.

The middle was quite dull and not realistic (I guess)? They are supposed to be running from the law but end up in a knock off Guardians of the Galaxy type situation but with a masquerade ball thrown in out of left field. Of all things I was expecting a random party was not it.


This is a great space adventure. I really loved the setting. I’m a sucker for space adventures so this was a definite win for me. Although the end left much to be desired and I didn’t understand a single thing that happened but I guess I will be continuing on in the series only because I intrinsically have to find out what Aurora is.

Zila reminds me of Sophia from the The Gilded Wolves. Sophia is on the autism spectrum and it was great to see that representation in the book and I got that feel from Zila’s character. I really hoped they would touch more on her characters but all she got were literally one page chapters and came off as indifferent rather than giving her the attention she deserved.


This is a good sci-fi novel set in space(of course) with six different characters you have six times the chance to connect and enjoy one of them! There is a second novel coming out this year so keep a look out.-

My similar recommendation for this novel would be The Gilded Wolves by Roshani Chokshi (who does a way better job juggling 6 characters in my opinion).

Favorite Quote

“A slow frown creases his tattooed brow, ‘What is a jack-ass?’

‘Check a mirror, Elrond.’

The frown grows more quizzical. ‘My name is Kal.’

‘You. Are. Insufferable.'”

Pg. 198

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  1. Great review! I’m excited to see the next book in this series get released in 2020! While I really enjoyed it (and LOVED the characters) I have to agree that it was a tad bit slow in the beginning – something I wasn’t expecting after the lightning pace of the Illuminae Files.

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    1. I just never felt connected to any of the characters! I dont even remember their names only Aurora, alien sexy dude, all white alien guy, and never mind I dont know any of their names. When in comparison with six of crows I remember every single person! Same with Gilded Wolves.


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