Grandeur of the Seas Cruise Review

Hello everyone!

After recently going on Royal Caribbean’s Grandeur of the Seas I have decided to start typing up my reviews of the ships that I have been on. This is to help you choose the types of cruise you are looking for and which one you will get more bang for you buck for (hint: not this one)

This review will be broken down into four (4) different categories with an overall score.

Food: 4/5
Entertainment: 5/5
Service: 5/5
Ports: 3/5
Overall: 3/5



One of the reasons cruising is such a great bang for your buck is all food is included. Yes, there is specialty dining and little shops/cafes you have to pay for on the ship but you will never have to pay for a meal.

To begin, the main dining room has three reservation options. 5:30, 8:30, and anytime. We chose anytime and I am so thankful that we did. As it turns out, the main shows were never on the same schedule every day so you had to plan your activities for the night around the time of the show. I feel this made it really hard for the diners that had their reserved dining time and could not be flexible with the ever-changing itinerary.

The specialty dining was such a nice option have. The food in the main dining room can become quite drab after a while especially when you have the same waiter every day. We tried out two of the restaurants and they were so worth it.



From hourly activities to grand performances, you will never have a dull moment while on the ship. During the day, there are countless things going on around the ship and at night there is a different performance every night.

During the day, and especially sea days, you can enjoy a game of bingo (for the most expensive price of any cruise line at $50, the free art auction (never purchase unless you’re familiar with the prices but do please enjoy some free champagne), hourly trivia for the chance to win small prizes (I.e. highlight/pen/caribiner).



One thing that makes cruises so much better than an ordinary hotel is the turn down service twice a day. Complete with your schedule for the next day. You make friends with your person and make sure you bring a pen and paper to write notes to them incase you have any questions or need any extra amenities. Royal Caribbeans customer service is also high above the rest. I  do appreciate how fast their response time is and if you have any questions at all everyone is there to help you.



Perfect Day at CoCo Cay/ Royal Caribbean Exclusive Island

This was one of my favorite places but a fair warning, if you don’t get seats early, there will be none later on. We decided to do the water park which the tickets were extremely cheap at only $40 a person, you get to ride the tallest water ride in the Northern Hemisphere. The slides were fun and all the food on the island was free which was great because all you needed to carry was your ship card and any cash for the locals.

The only problem is they do not stop advertising this port. Even after you go to the port, its still everywhere and embedded in all of the advertisement. A little too dang much.

Nassau, Bahamas: Atlantis Aquaventure

For a steep price of $135, you can explore the biggest waterpark! You get access to over seven water slides to the not lazy river. You also get access to their small aquarium. My husband and I  were not the biggest water slide fans but we did do the lazy river twice and it was amazing. Its my favorite part. You also get access to their two private beaches but you can get a day pass with only beach access for way less money.

I don’t think we will be going to this water park again simply because of how steep the price it. I definitely recommend it for families and to spend the hot day doing. The food there is pricy but no one really checks your bags so you can just bring food and sneak it in IMO.

Port Canaveral, Florida: The Dinosaur Store

One of my favorite ports is this Florida port as there is plenty to do. You can go to Disney for the day (it is an hour away and you will only have time for a half day at the park), you can also do a tour of Kennedy Space Station, and my favorite is the Coacoa Beach/Ron Jons shuttle. For 20$ you can go to Coacoa Beach and the big Ron Jons. Right across the road from Ron Jons is The Dinosaur Store, a small museum which actually sells these ancient and old artifacts and fossils for people to be able to purchase!

I, of course, bought one of the Stegosaur Tail Spike replicas because a) I  love dinosaurs b) it was the biggest cheapest item c) YOLO


3/5 for Royal Caribbean

The ship was really old and outdated. I hope during this time of the pandemic that they are taking the time to upgrade their ships since construction is allowed. It would honestly be the smartest thing to do. The prices on Royal Caribbean are the highest ship prices on the ships that I have ever seen. From bingo to the shops, it was the priciest. The entertainment has so much to offer but I  felty many of the performances were subpar but I  guess that is the give and take for having options

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