[Book Review] The Vermillion Gate

Title: The Vermillion Gate
Author: C Posey
Pages: 207
Genre: Mystery
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Good afternoon, I recieved this book as a review copy and will be giving it an honest review with a rating curve due to it being a self published book. Also, can we take the time to appreciate that cover because *stunning*.

This was a great novel of you are looking for revenge seeking, motorcycle riding strong women. Sadie Dufrainne is out for revenge and she is gonna get it one way or another. This book reminded almost of Hidalgo and was a very fun book to read altogether!

Oh No’s

There is quite a lot of missing information. For having such short chapters, I feel a lot more info couldve been added to make them just a tad longer instead of adding even more characters. I wish we had focused more on our main character and her thoughts.


I am a big cover shopper and as soon as I saw an anime-esque style cover, I was in love. This is so unique and different from what many traditional authors

The characters really helped to carry this novel. The plot was there but I really enjoyed learning about each of them and how they interact with our main character.


This was a unique novel and I loved how all the characters came together in the end! They all grew on me and I honestly really enjoyed this novel.

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