Grandeur of the Seas Cruise Review

Hello everyone! After recently going on Royal Caribbean's Grandeur of the Seas I have decided to start typing up my reviews of the ships that I have been on. This is to help you choose the types of cruise you are looking for and which one you will get more bang for you buck for... Continue Reading →

[Book Review] Crescent City: House of Earth and Blood

Title: Crescent City: House of Earth and Blood Author: Sarah J. Maas Pages: 803 Genre: Fantasy, Action & Adventure, Romance Rating: 5 out of 5 stars This is the fantasy detective novel you never knew you needed This wonderful novel follows Bryce Quinlan-- a half fae- half human who lives in Crescent City with her... Continue Reading →

[Book Review] The Vanishing Deep

Another standalone novel from the author of Four Dead Queens.
This novel follows Tempest and her fight to find out the truth. Why had her sister lied about her parents death? There was only one problem. Her sister is dead. But on the island of Palindromena, the dead are able to come back to life, but only for 24 hours. When things get a little out of hand, Tempest will find there is a lot more to life than SHES ever known before

[Book Review] Outbreak

What would you do if there was an unknown outbreak on the other side of the world? .
You most likely wouldn’t even know it was even happening. Well unfortunately for Theo Bishop, his brother is somehow at the very center of an outbreak of some virus that kills at a 100% mortality rate now. How and why this is, you will eventually find out (but of course not until the very last 10 pages).

[Book Review] Carry On

Simon Snow is the hero, he alwasy has been since his first day at school . Not only because he is The Mage's heir, but because he is 'the chosen one.' ANd of course this title comes with tits problems. One of which being a vampire as a roommate. A vampire who hates his guts. 

[Book Review] The Wrath and The Dawn

Every morning, the Caliph kills his wife till the next day when he will wed again and begin the cycle anew. When Shahrzad's best friend is unlucky enough to be one of the his wives, Shahrzad volunteers herself in order to get her revenge. She will kill him for the sake of her best friend and those who have died before her. But when he lets her live to see not just one more day, Shahrzad begins to question why did the girl's before her even have to die? What more will Shahrzad learn from this 'evil king'?

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