[Monthly Reads] December Reviews

Back again with: Monthly Reads! All of the reviews I've done in December summed up in to one easy post. Shall we begin? A Torch Against the Night is the second installment of the An Ember in the Ashes series, In this tale we continue on in the story still following our three main characters and... Continue Reading →

[REVIEW] Seraphina

A Summary To begin, Seraphina is an entryway into a thoroughly planned out world containing dragon and humankind. The characters were thought out and development was superb! The book does well as a stand alone but a sequel has been published. Rachel Hartman introduces us to Seraphina, our protagonist and forbidden spawn of a dragon... Continue Reading →

Heart Rot

The roots of a tree ingrained in the soil.Reaching-- searching-- for nourishment and support. Just as I search for the same myself. Not only in my surroundings but in everything that i do. Anxiety can overrun your life. Like Heart Rot to a tree, anxiety enters through wounds-- holes in the persona. The Rot invades... Continue Reading →

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