[Book Review] The Kingdom


Title: The Kingdom
Author: Jess Rothenberg
Pages: 340 
Genre: Fantasy, Scifi, Futuristic
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Welcome to The Kingdom™.

A wonderful amusement park where people come from all over just to see the seven princesses. But, these are not ordinary princesses, they are hybrid robots and humans and were made for human happiness only. When Ana, our lovely main character and one of the princesses, is convicted of murder, we read on as her trial melds with her truths and hidden inside is a deeper secret that The Kingdom doesn’t want getting out.

Oh No’s

This book was just too short! I wanted more of the princesses and more details surrounding what happens after. More of Ana and her life. This book like me hungry and craving more. My only complaint is that I could not read more!


This is right up my alley. AI becoming sentient is definitely a favorite trope of mine as of late. I’ve been reading some great books with it lately and this book did just a great job with this theme. Following the characters and how they question the world around them is just what I came here for. 

I really loved Ana as a main character. She did a great job of expanding on the story of the kingdom and questioning the world around her. I felt like i was right there in the action and mystery. unique experiencing the world with her and trying to solve this mystery. 


This was a great standalone novel about oppression and fighting against all you’ve been taught. I loved the story and really cannot wait time read more from this author in the future!

My similar recommendation for this novel would be Crier’s War by Nina Valen.

Favorite Quote

“The rangers will find it. We are safe in the Kingdom.’

‘Wow.’ The kid scoffs and shakes his head.’


‘Nothing, it’s just… someone’s been drinking the Kool-aid.'”

Pg. 55

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P.S. Here is a picture of me and the author after getting her amazing autograph!

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