[Book Review] The Rose and The Dagger


Title: The Rose and The Dagger
Author: Renee Ahdieh
Pages: 433
Genre: Romance, Action & Adventure
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

This is the second novel of this duology. Please CLICK HERE for my review of the first book The Wrath and The Dawn.

I loved the first book so much I went on Amazon and ended up buying a paperback copy of the second book (it was cheaper than the kindle version).

We left off on the last book with Shahrzad being taken from the palace and off to the distant lands of the enemy. Of course, this doesn’t turn out very well for our Calipha as she is used to being one in power yet here she is practically powerless. But this does not stop our heroine, who will stop at nothing before she can find a way to fix this curse.

Oh No’s

This book turned very magical. From the first book that had very little magic to Sharhzad learning everything about magic it was very different.

I felt there were a few plot holes. I will give a few vague examples: They never address how the people of Khorosan can forgive Khalid for killing all the women. I want to know what reason they gave. Did they tell the truth? How did the people take it? And the other is did… Khalid just forget about Shahrzad at the end? They went there and of course things don’t go as planned but they just left and I thought they were going to get her  and save the day but they went back home and just went to sleep?


I live Khalid and Shahrzad so so much. Their bond is so amazing. I have never read a better romance than these two. Their intensity was just everything I ever wanted a romance to be. The one scene in this movie, where Shahrzad and Khalid just stare into each other’s eyes just gets me in the heart strings.


This duology was amazing.  I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a nice guilty pleasure book.

My similar recommendation for this novel would be A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas. 

Favorite Quote

“Still there was no fear.

For up here, Shahrzad chased the wind.

The ground did not exist. Nor did the sky.

Here, she was truly boundless.

Fear would never overtake her again.”

Pg. 126

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