[REVIEW] Exile

Do you like Space? Science Fiction? Aliens? Spaceship battles? Well all of this is included in this great book!

When scouring the booths of Bookcon, we stumbled upon a booth solely dedicated to Exile. The lady at the booth merely scanned our badges to allow for only one ARC per person, and we were gifted this wonderful novel written by Glynn Stewart.

The story is really well-thought out. You can tell that this book has been a long time in the making. The descriptions in this book are phenomenal and it’s not your run of the mill plot line. Over 30,000 people are just shipped over to the other side of the galaxy to pretty much fend for themselves. But, this world is not as perfect as it seems to me and this new colony is going to have a few obstacles in their way to create their new lives.

Oh No’s

The writing was a little bit dense with all of the references to rebellion, politics, and immense space terminology. But just a reread or two makes it all the more clearer to understand. I honestly loved the build up in this novel although it just seemed greatly slow. This is in regards to the entire story revolving around an entire population being exiled to another planet and they simply setting up home on a different planet.


The coolest part were the computer screens that were implanted into people arms. Perhaps this is the future we wish to see. This is definitely how iPhones will evolve.

The names in this book are quite thought out and realistic. Drakehold because it looks like a dragon was a pretty cute inclusion. Although there were a few names and references that caught my eye. Yes, any and all names to copyrighted licenses are purely fictional but COME ON! Dr. Reinhardt has a daughter named Brigette (245). An even includes the word overwatch in the book as well! Keep your eye peeled for this Overwatch not-reference. 😉

I also loved how everything was in terms of lightyears. This made the future seem so much more bigger than it currently is. The overwhelming numbers used in the book were insurmountable.

Altogether, this was great Science Fiction novel that had such a lovely tone throughout the book. If you’re looking for an introduction into more Space themed books.

Click the link below to purchase this lovely book in all it’s glory.


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