[REVIEW] The Good Widow

Title: The Good Widow
Author: Liz Fenton and Lisa Steinke
Pages: 292
Genre: Mystery, Tragedy, Thriller
Rating: 3 out of 5 Stars

This was a crazy story from beginning till end. First of all, I love how this was written. I was able to understand all of the references and enjoyed the writing unlike many adult novels I’ve read. Altogether though, the book too a long time to finish and I feel it could have been shortened and been a whole lot better.

One word: Predictable.

Oh No’s

The book got so boring at the end. They returned from Maui and then… nothing? The book just opened up relationships to people and expected us to be there while Jacks closed each one. This was not needed at all, each person did not need closure.

I did not feel like that plot twist was very thought out. To me it really came out of left field. I feel like the character just went from 0-100 out of no where. The actions in the beginning just don’t reflect the character at the end.

The end just felt so forced. Why didn’t anything happen while they were in Maui? Why did everything wait until the very end to happen? Also, why would that purse have ended up all the way back in wherever they are. That’s just weird. Everyone knows you destroy the evidence there like what? To me, the end was just thrown in as the big plot twist.


I loved Nick and Jacks together, to be honest. They really helped each other through this part of their life and even if a relationship (probably temporary) happened because of it. I felt that they did have a connection and I really liked their beginnings in Maui together as they learned their significant other’s doings.

The main thing that go me hooked on this book was that opening. Her finding out and then her decisions to go really intrigued me. The whole trip to Maui with someone you don;t know is something I never had the chance to read before.

This was on sale on Amazon for a whopping Free dollars! Grab it while you can. This book was still a good read and the beginning was so good, it makes up for the whole ending.

Click the link below to purchase this lovely book in all it’s glory.

The Good Widow: A Novel


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