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Back again with: Monthly Reads!

All of the reviews I’ve done in January summed up in to one easy post. This month, I was incredibly successful in reading. I got so ahead of my reading that I’ve been stuck on the same book for an entire week. Reading slumps do exist, just don’t be afraid to DNF a book you aren’t feeling.

Tower of Dawn was the first book I read of 2019. One of my goals for this year was to finish the Throne of Glass series. I also wanted to start the year off strong with a book I would really enjoy. Tower of Dawn is the sixth book in the series and is centered on the characters Chaol Westfall and Nesryn Faliq. I won’t go into too much detail but it was a great romance novel and I also just really recommend reading this series if you get the chance.

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Pride was the next book on my TBR. This novel was one that I scored in an Owlcrate and came with this exclusive pink cover. This is also one of my favorite pictures I took this month. Pride is a coming of age tale about the triumphs of living in Bushwick. Zuri Benitez meets Darius Darcy, who is the exact opposite from what she expected. Besides coming from two different worlds, these two will find they actually have a lot more in common.

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Red Rising is an action packed novel based on extreme social class differences. We are introduced to a Red who discovers everything he works for has been because he is essentially a slave to the rest of the world (other colors). We then follow Darrow as he is turned into one of the highest colors on this world– Gold. The whole scheme was so interesting and even though I feel this book took a weird turn, it did finish the side plot and I might even pick up the second book to this series.

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Girls of Paper and Fire was a great book and I honestly give this the highest rating. I was able to finish this book in under two days. This story is not just about fighting back against the system of society but also about finding love within all of this. Lei is from the paper caste, the lowest of all three castes in this fantasy world. When she finds herself taken to be one of the king’s elite paper girls, Lei must discover what has been hidden inside her. She must learn to not only fight but also to love.

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Kingdom of Ash is the 7th and last book of the Throne of Glass series. As I previously said, my goal was to finish this series and I damn well did. Although, I did mess up and not read The Assassin’s Blade. So, if you are excited to finish this series, please read that book first then move on to this 900 page monstrosity. This book ending was amazing and everything I ever wanted a final book to be. Once again, I really recommend this series.

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Select Few is the sequel to Select and is a duology. In this series, we follow Julia Jaynes who comes from a cult like family of people with extraordinary abilities. When she is able to finally escape from them (Book #1) she realizes she never really did. This leads to a crisis country trip to discover more about who she really is. This was a great sequel to the first.

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Mirage is another great novel I got from Owlcrate. Amani is a commoner and when her coming-of-age ceremony is rudely interrupted by the empire’s forces, her whole life gets turned upside down. She discovers that she is an exact twin of the princess and must become her body double. This entails learning not only an entirely different culture, but a whole new persona as well. This was a grand novel but know that it is the first in a series.

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Those are all my reviews for January. I read seven lovely books and could not be more happy. Everyone should take the time to just pick up a book and discover a whole new world.

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  1. Thank you SO much for acknowledging reading slumps. I’m afraid that my year opened with one. More like a reading depression after finishing an amazingly written long series. Just didn’t want to exit that writer’s world man. (N. K. Jemisin). In any event, you have some good reads on here. I’m glad there is one post, easy reference when I wish to come back and choose where to go. They all seem a little fantasy leaning. Is that a preference? Sorry if thats a dumb question, lol. Newish.


    1. No question is dumb! These are mainly fantasy because I wanted to start this year off by reading books I wanted to read rather than books I’ve had sitting on my shelf that I need to read sometime. And I went through a two year reading slump where I probably read one book? Maybe two? They happen to all of us when out lives either get busy out our likes differ! Or we are so engrained in a series.

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