[Book Review] Someday, Maybe

Title: Someday, Maybe
Author: Elise Faber
Pages: 282
Genre: Slice of Life, LGBTQ, Contemporary
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

This is an Advanced Readers Copy. That means that this is not the final version of the book therefore some facts and quotes are subject to change in the published book. This was actually my first book ever from Netgalley!

Someday, Maybe is an in depth look on life and how things aren’t always as they seem. The book is about bullying and how it effects everyone. This story is a great slice of life plot with an actual happy romance.

We follow Brianna, a senior in high school with her whole life ahead of her. Only this morning is a bit different. Her dad wishes to live his life as a woman. Brianna’s world is turned upside down but she still has to put on a brave face at school. That’s when Jason Monroe asks her out. And so begins their tumulus relationship and her courage to prove others wrong.

Oh No’s

The summary of this book is absolutely horrible. They make Brianna out to be someone she is not at all. The word hipster never even comes up in the novel. This book is about growth and discovering love through the hardest of times. And Harry Potter is only really mentioned once. She was just another normal girl at school. It made everything that happened to her so much real because this could happen to anyone.

A person you love coming out as transgender is hard for everyone involved. But, the one thing I didn’t like was the dad asking to be called Sabrina instead of Dad. Denouncing themselves as a parent is a horrible way to go. This is fully addressed in the book but it really rubbed me the wrong way (which is a good thing).


This beautiful inside look of what having someone close to you come out as transgender is like for some. This book opens up with one of the strongest scenes I’ve ever read. A father coming out to his daughter is so moving and finally shows a representation for transgenders. Also, the thought process behind everyone involved and how many people may react to this news was so descriptive. The author covered so many misunderstandings and correct way to do this such as using the right pronouns. They also covered the extreme bullying that occurs and how to better deal with these situations. And how not to.

I loved the characters and closure we find within each. Their problems and how they help each other figure out what could hurt others and what can help save them. These feelings really stacked up and the climax you think would happen at the end ended up happening halfway through. This is a story about Bri living through high school and all the ups and downs that come along with it


This book has now become one of my favorites. With even a seven year jump at the end. I enjoyed every minute of this journey. I really didn’t think I was going to enjoy this book from the horrible summary but damn. Just do yourself a favor and if u love true romance, LGBTQ, and Slice of Life then this is the book for you.

This book is very reminiscent to a completed romance manga series. Such as Kyou Koi wo Hajimemasu and Toradora.

Favorite Quote(s)

“I slammed my bedroom door and hit the lock. “Alexa,” I ordered. “Play Angry Teenager playlist.””


“He stepped back and I slid out. A moment later the hood was popped open and we were both staring inside. “What are we looking for?” I asked. Jason gave me a weak smile. “Truthfully? I don’t really know. It just seemed like the thing to do.””


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  1. This seems like a really good recommendation! I LOVE that the trans community is finally getting some wider recognition and discussion in mainstream lit 🙂

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