[REVIEW] Birds of Wonder

Another gorgeous novel from Cynthia Robinson. This spin on a mystery/crime story takes the perspective of six different people and weaves them together to show what truly happened that night.

For the photo: My mother had just finished showing me her collection of cucumbers and squashes from her bountiful garden when I ran outside. I had remembered this book has colors similar to them. Thus this picture was born ugh

This definitely lived up to the title, Birds Of Wonder. Many different species were thrown in and mentioned as well as woven into the story.

Oh No’s

I felt the writing was a little too dense and detail-oriented. The first few pages were filled with such an overdose of information, I ended up forgetting half of what was said.

Beatrice was such a narcissistic character that her perspective bugged me to no end. That was who she was and a narcissit she empowered whocomingly.

The most un-climactic ending ever. Apparently that was my only comment toward this book at the end so be prepared for the underwhelming finale.


These characters were all so uniquely different. I loved the different qualities around each person. We had an intro for each character followed by their take of what had happened these past few days. We got to see interactions on both sides and see how the other felt and  reacted afterwards.

I loved how short the chapters were. If you thought one character was boring (Like Beatrice) then you had something to power through that chapter for. Incentive. The best way to inspire readers.

This was another book I got an Bookcon. We saw the sign for the author and the line only have around 20 people in it so we hopped on and waited the 15 minutes for the author’s autograph. The time was well spent taking snaps and charging our phones.

Click the link below to purchase this lovely book in all it’s glory.

Birds of Wonder

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